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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If Colts Fire Jim Caldwell It Would Make Me 4 For 4

Back on October 17th I wrote a piece detailing which NFL
coaches were on the "HOT Seat", and as of yesterday the
first three on that list were gone, not in order, but
gone. Now comes word from Jason LaConfora at
that if the Colts finish 0-16, Jim Caldwell is likely
gone. Well punch his ticket, he's done. The Colts next
three opponents are at home against Houston & Tennessee,
games both those teams will need, and at Jacksonville.
The last game is the only real game they have a shot at,
but I don't think the Jags are going to roll over as was
evidenced this past Sunday when they fell behind 14-0,
and came back to win 41-14 by scoring the next 41.

The next few on that list are not very likely to go, but
Leslie Frazier, and Steve Spagnuolo deserve to be looked
at for dismissal, while Ken Whizenhunt, Lovie Smith,
Tom Coughlin, and Rex Ryan should be safe. So who is
going to be the lucky referee in the war of the Roses
between Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning?

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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