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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chicago Bears Sack Tebow, But Is It Fair?

Jack Dempsey - AP

Yahoo sports had a story regarding some of the comments
made by frustrated Bears players following another death
defying comeback by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos,
and if you were them you might feel the exact same way,
but were those comments fair? Let's look at the ones
pointed out in the story shall we.

Brian Urlacher said: "He's a good running back.", well
he's probably right. Everyone is quick to point out that
Tebow has an excellent Touchdown to Interception ratio,
but he should, he throws much less than he runs, and even
though he's thrown more some weeks than he should, when
he's off the mark it's so bad even defenders can't catch
it. Tim Tebow is no QB.

Julius Peppers said: "It wasn't anything special that he
did" Correct. If it wasn't for Marion Barber failing to
stay in bounds when he went out of bounds, and later
fumbling to give Denver great field position, not Tebow
nor any QB on that team would have had a chance to win
that game.

Lance Briggs said: "He played hard. I respect a guy that
plays hard, him and all the other 10 guys on that field for
the Broncos." Hmmm, I don't see anything wrong with that,
do you?

Folks just want to make this streak he's on to be something
bigger than it is. This will NOT last, and the Bears and
most of his opponents know this, but they hate the fact that
they fell victim to it. The Bears are now losers of three in
a row, one on a Hail Mary pass at the end of the first half,
and another to the "Mile High Messiah", one of which was
about Denver's defense, and the other about Chicago's inept
offensive production, and injuries.

Steve Young of course chimed in with this: "To me … he did it
to you. He Tebowed you. Just take it like a man and walk away.
You lost your shot." this also from a story in Yahoo sports.
But what else is Young going to say? This makes for great
ratings, talk and, controversy. Please let's be real for
a second, if you were on the other side of that line of
scrimmage, would you want to hear any of this? Would you
really believe that the reason you lost is because Jesus
was pulling strings against you or for Tebow? If that were
the case wouldn't he be the one averaging 35 points per game
instead of the Packers? Wouldn't GOD be able to fix his lack
of accuracy? Of course he would.

The Bears were frustrated, annoyed, defeated, and it will
pass, just like this phenomenon in Denver. Denver may not be
able to draft high in the first round, but trust me, no matter
what John Elway is trying to sugar coat you with, they will
draft a QB or bring in a veteran, or they know that eventually
Brady Quinn will be ready to take over as QB, period.
I don't think the comments were unfair, but they do come off
as bad losers, and when things are going bad for you, it's
easy to sound that way. Watch Tebow this week and then line
up the excuses right here.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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