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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Shortsightedness Of The Tim Tebow Phenomenon

Chris Schneider/Associated Press

I'm ready for the hate mail, if you know how to write.
I'm ready for the arguments, assuming you can put one
together, and I'm ready to be told how I can't carry
Tim Tebow's jock strap, assuming it is within his
religious beliefs to wear one, but you can't make me
believe that he is going to win anything on a major

As the saying goes "Numbers Don't Lie", and though
it's true that many times they are deceiving, in this
case they are not. Hang on, want a deceiving number?
5-1, that's Tim Tebow's record as starter this year.
Didn't like that one? Then you are gonna like these
numbers even less. Tebow completes less than 50% of
his passes, both this year and for his career.
For the 2011 season he is averaging less than 95
passing yards per game! In the Broncos five wins over
that 5-1 span the defense is only giving up 15 points
per game, after starting the season giving up 28ppg
in their first five games. Are you going tell me that
Tim Tebow won a National Championship at Florida?
That's College, NOT Pro Football. JaMarcus Russell
won a National Championship too, where is he now?
The truth is quite simply this, he can't live on his
legs alone unless he decides that "GOD" told him he
should switch to running back, wide receiver, or tight
end. If he wants to be a quarterback then he needs
to start playing like a quarterback. Most QB hybrids
just don't have that great a success. This may be a
small sample, but tell me what Vince Young, Michael
Vick, and Donovan McNabb have done in the recent past?,
and they all have better arms and accuracy than Tebow
does. Want to tell me that 5-1 makes him a winner,
fine. Wake me when he wins a Superbowl!

Tim Tebow may be a winner in life, that I will not
argue, but please don't pull a Reggie White on me
and tell me that this is GOD's plan. GOD does not
root for the Denver Broncos, just like he didn't
root for the Green Bay Packers when White played
for them. Do you understand how ridiculous it is
to believe that he would? That means that GOD is
"rooting" against the other team. If White were
alive, younger and playing for the Packers today,
would the game between the Broncos and the Packers
on October the 2nd have ended in a tie instead of
a 49-23 Packers blowout, or would GOD have rooted
for one over the other? I guess the answer changes
whether your a Bronco/Tebow fan or a Packer/White
fan, yes?

Tim Tebow may and already is a winner in life, but
football has nothing to do with it, and it doesn't
need to either.

Thank You Al Davis !

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