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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elite NFL QB's: Not Such A Long List

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Depending on the results you get every Sunday the
chatter is constantly changing for a handful of so
called "Elite" Quarterbacks, but after taking a
close look at the starting QB's at present in the
NFL today, the fact remains that there is NO top
ten. Not if you want elites. If you just want to
round off your list, well that's a different story,
but if you want a list of QB's that you would feel
could win you a game if you needed it, then here
they are, and keep in mind that they are NOT in any
particular order, because the truth is that we all
differ in our point of view, but here's a list that
I doubt anyone could question.

1. Tom Brady
1. Ben Roethlisberger
1. Peyton Manning
1. Philip Rivers*
1. Eli Manning
1. Aaron Rodgers
1. Drew Brees

* No Super Bowl Ring

That's it ! No one else! There isn't a single solitary
name worthy of making this list that isn't already on here.
Wanna feel better that your guy wasn't left out, well below
is a list of honorable mentions, but they are NOT elite.
Cry, moan and groan, all you want, but the fact remains
that if your life was on the line, you wouldn't want any
of these guys slinging the rock for you. You're welcome to
disagree. In case you lost track of all the one's I put
there, remember no particular order, you can have fun doing
that yourself, there are SEVEN on that list, 21.875%

32. Matt Schaub **
32. Carson Palmer **
32. Tony Romo **
32. Michael Vick **
32. Jay Cutler **
32. Matt Ryan **

** Not even a Super Bowl appearance

If you combine both lists, you get a total of 13 QB's or
less than 50% of the league, which means that the rest of
the league is playing with a QB that is clearly less than
all that. Yes, there are a few winning QB's off that list,
but just because your team is winning games, it doesn't
mean you can be depended on when the game is in your hands.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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