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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Steelers James Harrison Is No Ndamukong Suh, But...

Associated Press

I'm not going to sit here and write anything that would
compare what James Harrison does on Sundays and say that
it even comes close to what we saw Ndamukong Suh do on
national TV on Thanksgiving day, but he is far from an
altar boy when it comes to dealing out punishment.

What Suh did was dirty, but that's only because it had
nothing to do with the play on the field, was after the
whistle, and he went on to blatantly lie about it after
we all saw it on slow motion replay, not that slow mo

I am a huge fan of dishing out hits on QB's and receivers,
make them think twice. The quarterback must go down, and
he must go down hard*
, but don't cry to me about it when
your caught going a little too far and you get fined for
it. This is the same guy that a couple of seasons ago
threatened to retire over these fines. As I often ask,
REALLY?, Give up nine figures because you got fined five,
and the other guy is still picking up his teeth, REALLY?
I understand you want to plead your case, and I am
totally with when you say the the rules on hitting may
seem a little strict, but look at it from the other side.
The rules are there to make sure the other guy doesn't
need a colostomy bag the rest of his life, so stop
F@#king crying over your fines when you have already had
the luxury to out earn about 98% of the people who cheer
you on. What really gets me about these rules is that
they call them in the wrong fashion, but like I've said
time and time again: I want the opponent to get carted
off the field, but when the game is over I hope that the
injury is only a stinger and that he feels and is GREAT.

James what you need to clear your head with is, do you
want to retire over these fines and find out what it might
be like to earn a normal living once again? Do you think
you might be interested in feeling the crippling pain that
is the result of one of your hits?, or should you just be
thankful that you haven't paralyzed anyone, and haven't
been paralyzed yourself? Go out there, be the stud defender
we all know you are, and stop whining when it's clear you
crossed that line, it is now a byproduct of the game, and
hopefully a deterrent to some to not accidentally kill
another player by mistake

*Al Davis

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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