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Saturday, December 17, 2011

College Bowl Season Underway With A Few Cupcakes

(AP Photo/Andy Carpenean)

If you've been missing your college football, chances
are today is a good day for you, but if you have other
things on your plate and enjoy college football casually,
today is a little bit of a warmup of sorts.

Temple vs Wyoming kick things off at 2:00pm ET in the
Idaho Potato Bowl, at 5:30pm ET Ohio & Utah St try to
spice things up a little, and finally the New Orleans
Bowl features San Diego St against LA Lafayette.
Now these games aren't exactly a who's who of what
college football has to offer, but there are always
bound to be a few diamonds in the rough here that will
wind up on someones NFL roster, and might even play a
huge part next year.

This is only the beginning as the rest of the week will
have more interesting games for some, as the end of the
year starts to come to a close, but it will be mostly
like this until about the last week of the year.
The next one I'm looking forward to won't happen until
Notre Dame meets up with Florida St on the 29th.
Seventy teams in 35 games, that's 58% of all the teams
that play in the first division compared to 37.5% for
the NFL playoff format, but there aren't any playoffs,
so that's why it gets diluted sometimes. Enjoy!

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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