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Monday, December 5, 2011

Jose Reyes Gone, Mets Not To Blame


I am speaking as a Jose Reyes fan who lobbied for
the Mets to keep him all year, and still wish they
had, but at this price, I can't agree. The Miami
Marlins made a play that they are not going to be
able to handle. They are attempting to spend like
drunken sailors, and it won't work for them, you
will see this come to fruition sooner rather than
later. Jose gets hurt too often, Ozzie Guillen
will eventually run out of patience for that, and
Guillen and owner Jeffrey Luria will be at each
others necks before you know it. Expect Reyes
to be on the trade block no later than the third
year of his six year deal, and expect Guillen to
be out in Miami at about the same time or sooner.

New Stadium does not equal instant success, it
just doesn't, and this concoction of new players,
plus current players, plus new manager, and
owner will show that soon enough. I love Jose
and the way he plays, but he has his downfalls,
and they aren't worth close to $20Mil per year.

Thank You Al Davis !

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