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Friday, December 23, 2011

Colts Win Again, and The Andrew Luck Plot Thickens

Colts Owner Jim Irsay (Nam Y. Huh, AP)

So the Indianapolis Colts last night won their second
game of the season and after starting off 0-13 did
almost the same thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did in
1977 when they started 0-12 and won their last 2 games
off the season (16 game schedule began in 1978).
Difference here is that the Buccaneers were dying for
victories, and these Colts, or at least their ownership
would rather not win again, so that they could be in the
drivers seat in the April draft and either draft Andrew
Luck, or at least be able to command a Kings ransom for
him if they decide they don't want him after all.

Though I don't have all the tiebreaker scenarios ready to
shoot at you, should this remain a three way tie at the
end of the season like it is now, between the Vikings,
Rams, and Colts, ESPN'S Adam Schefter did Tweet that as
of right now the Colts still pick first if they are all
at 2 wins after 15 games.

Like the Colts, unless the Rams have given up on Sam
Bradford like Jim Irsay may be ready to cut ties with
Peyton Manning, the Rams have their QB of the future.
Yet since it has not been as rosy in St. Louis as many
thought it would be by now with the Rams, Spagnuolo,
and Bradford, myself included, it is possible that the
Rams move on from Bradford and take Luck if they are in
a position to do so. If this is indeed the case, the
Rams can get quite a bit for Bradford, as the Colts might
hope to get for Manning, if indeed they are in a position
to do so. Then of course there's the Vikings. They too
may be able to pass, if they truly believe in Christian
Ponder that is. Confused yet? The NFL hopes so. All of
this intrigue is what drives the league to an unbridled by
it's fans.

The Vikings still have two games left, at Washington on
12/24, which is a winnable game, depending on which Skins
team shows up, and home to the Bears on 1/1, also winnable,
but not as much if Cutler plays, and the Bears are still
alive. Of course with the new rookie friendly salary cap
numbers that came with the new CBA that was just signed,
ownership of these teams don't necessarily want to win
these games, but don't tell the players that. They have
Christian Ponder, did they see enough this year to make
them believe he is the quarterback of the future for

The Rams are at Pittsburgh on 12/24, so ownership doesn't
have to wish to hard for a loss their, and the finish at
home against the 49er's, but since the 49er's may not
have too much to play for at that point, the Rams may just
fall into a victory in that one.

The Colts are in the best position of all, unless they win
that is. They currently hold the tiebreaker as of right
now, and are on the road for the final game of the season
against a Jacksonville team that will want it more than
they do for various reasons, so they may not have a choice
but lose.

At the end of the day, this is over and done with yet, and
until all the games are played, the plot will remain thick.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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