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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kobe Bryant, Deion Sanders Divorces: Is This Sports?

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The talk seemingly gets louder whenever these types of
names make the news, whether it's Kris Humphries and
Kim Kardashian, or Tiger, or anyone of these Mega Super
Stars, but just because they are athletes or players of
sorts, is this "Sports" news? It seems that the guys
who want to talk about this are becoming worse than the
women they are with at the supermarket checking out the
tabloids at the checkout line. Quick disclaimer: I am
not calling Kris Humphries a Mega Super Star, I meant

I am often left not understanding how these stories make
headlines on sports websites. I understand that they
make the news, they are of course celebrities, but is it
the demand of the sports fan that is getting this so much
attention? We talked about the Tiger fiasco for what was
seemingly forever, and it took up huge chunks of time on
the sports talk radio stations as well as the 24 hour
sports networks. It was news for sure, but was it sports
news? I guess you could make a case that that may be the
only one since it affected his game so much. Deion is
retired, is that sports news? Kobe's game hasn't been
affected at all so far, so should we assume it will?
After all this is the same guy that was on trial for rape,
does it get too much bigger than that? Kris Humphries?
C'mon, really? He married a girl who's only real claim to
fame is that she had sex in front of a camera. Let the
gossip mongers follow that one, but how is this sports news
news worthy. Do we talk about the Dow Jones or stock market
in between highlights?

I guess I just don't get it? How much do you think we will
be talking about this Kobe or Deion thing? I'm done, what
about you?

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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