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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big EAST?, Who Are They Kidding?

Courtesy: Orlando Sentinel

I know it sounds like I might be nitpicking a little bit,
but when did San Diego, Boise, Idaho, or even Texas get
categorized as "East"? Yes you can go ahead and tell me
that in the NFL the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFC East,
but that is a completely different scenario. I also
won't be too harsh on the "BIG EAST" conference because
this news is still fresh, and won't blame them for taking
these schools on either. I mean who can pass at the chance
of some BCS Bowl money when you see how consistently good
Boise State is year after year. I also won't bee too harsh
because they were pretty much pushed to make this move in
light of all the teams that left the conference and went
elsewhere, but can we please work on a new name?
I know, I know, Conference USA would be the perfect name,
but unfortunately it's already taken, as is the American
Football Conference (AFC), and so is the National Football
Conference (NFC), but how about the "Coast to Coast"
conference? or the "Come One Come All" Conference?
Maybe they can put an exploratory committee together and
research it a little bit.

Teams have changed conference this year more often than some
call girls change undergarments, but this is the NCAA's fault
just like everything else. Instead of being only concerned
with how much punishment to dish out for whatever infraction
they inappropriate, why don't they divide these teams up
geographically, and find some fair to share those Trillions?
Oh wait, they haven't figured out how to solve this whole
BCS bowl thing yet, have they?

Well, at least Boise State, Houston, and SMU will provide a
little football excitement to a usually dull and boring
Big East football conference.

Thank You Al Davis !

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