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Monday, December 5, 2011

Ron Santo Enter Hall Of Fame, What A Shame

Stephen J. Carrera - AP

The story title may mislead many of you, but it annoys
the absolute cr@p out of me. One year and two days
after Ron Santo died those dictators that hold a man's
dignity in their claws decided that it was time to let
Ron Santo into the Baseball Hall of Fame. What a load
of cr@p, really, what BS.

Their were very few humans associated with the Cubs
organization that were more beloved than Ron Santo.
I never had the pleasure of seeing him play, and I
have no personal stake in this fight, but what a joke.
What? He is a Hall of Famer today, but he wasn't
yesterday, or last week, or last year? These voters
make me sick. I am the biggest Pete Rose detractor
there is out there, but even I can tell you that that
degenerate gambler belongs in the Hall of Fame.
The MLB, and NFL Hall of Fame voters are the most
pompous, arrogant, self centered individuals in all of
sports. They make some of those money grubbing players
that we complain about seem like humble saints.

I don't know his stats well enough to say whether or
not he deserves to be in the HOF or not, but that is
truly irrelevant here. The man died at the age of 70,
he was a cripple for all intent and purposes, and had
more than half his legs amputated, and they couldn't
give one of the most happy go lucky people ever to wear
a Cubs uniform 2 minutes of pleasure? Are you friggin'
kidding me?!

On a side note keep in mind that Pro Football has been
around more than 100 years, and yet the Pro Football
Hall of Fame, Not The NFL Hall of Fame(Doesn't exist)
has one kicker, and no punters in the HOF. They have
one quasi punter, but no true punter, and yet you
don't play game without one. Think these voters are
not worse than most New York City Co-Op Boards?
Then you have not been paying attention.

Thank You Al Davis !

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