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Monday, December 12, 2011

More On: Who's Responsible For The Success Of Tebow.......

Courtesy: Rocky Mountain News

My earlier story below has been further corroborated by
this latest tidbit here:

One high-level league executive tells that the Broncos'
original plan with Tim Tebow was to play him for "a few weeks"
to appease fans, and then initiate a rebuilding movement.
The Broncos reportedly "wanted to move on" and "wanted nothing
to do with the (Josh) McDaniels regime," which drafted Tebow in
the first round of 2010.'s Mike Lombardi now believes
Tebow has made VP of Football Operations John Elway "a believer.
" The Broncos are leading the AFC West, and after winning so
many games, out of position to draft an elite quarterback in

Source: & Rotoworld

Many folks are going to have trouble coming to grips with
this, and the answers are going to range from Fox to Meyer,
and from Jesus to Elway, and though there is no doubt that
if you believe in the latter this isn't even a question,
there is an additional answer to this equation. Ready?
Josh McDaniels, yup, you read right, the EX coach of the
Denver Broncos.

He ran Jay Cutler out of town, banished Brandon Marshall,
practically gave away Tony Scheffler, and I am sure I have
missed a few more names along the way, but without getting
too melodramatic or tripping the light fantastic with big
words I can't pronounce, Denver Broncos fans have Ex-Head
Coach Josh McDaniels to thank for Tim Tebow. McDaniels
started off his inaugural season 6-0 and then stunk up the
joint. He even beat his mentor and guru Bill Belichick in
that span, but couldn't to a thing worthy of his title after
that, and he too was eventually banished from the Mile High
city. He did however draft Tim Tebow and inadvertently
started a fad known as Tebow mania, and he didn't even know
it. Yes I called it a fad. I'm a nay sayer. I do not
expect it to last, but if you have been reading any of my
stuff here, or listen to any of my shows, you would know
that. No matter though, what I think is of no consequence
at this time.

Right now Denver broncos fans are enjoying football like no
other time since they were Super Bowl champs, and Elway was
on the field instead of behind a desk for the Broncos.
It's fun and there is no telling how long it will last, but
remember this: John Fox started Kyle Orton, John Elway pretty
much intimated that he didn't feel that Tebow could succeed
with his style, and yet they continue to win. They are no
fools, they will take the success until Tebow either flops on
his face, and they can give the fans an "I told you so" or
win a Super Bowl, a win win either way. Fans and supporters
of Tebow should enjoy this to the fullest, but when and if
it's over remember to say a nice "Thank You" to Josh McDaniels,
who drafted that QB no one thought was a QB, and even though
he is mired as the offensive coordinator of the 2-10 Rams,
he is still the one stubborn enough to make that pick when
everyone else thought he shouldn't

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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