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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chris Paul To The Clippers Is News You Can't Buy

AP Photo: Donald Sterling, Owner, Los Angeles Clippers

I remember someone once saying to me that there is
no such thing as bad publicity, and though I don't
necessarily agree with that exact sentiment, I knew
what they meant. The sentiment there is that if you
are in the news, good or bad it's free advertising,
and though we can easily agree that you don't want
to be involved in any super negative scandal, most
other stuff is easy enough to get by.

When was the last time you heard this much about the
LA Clippers that didn't involve their yearly trip to
the NBA lottery drawing event, or wasn't at the end
of a really bad score? Chances are that before Blake
Griffin hit the scene for them, that was there only
chance of making any headlines, otherwise they
literally had to pay for the honor of having they
name spoken this often and it not be involved in a
punchline of any kind.

The on again off again trade for Chris Paul has been
going on for days now, and there is now real reason to
believe that it will definitely get done or not, but
the Clippers have made headlines like never before in
there history, and it has even made them brash enough
to bid in a claim for recently waived Chauncey Billups.
Before you know it, they may even pretend to be serious
suitors for Dwight Howard. Wouldn't that be a kick in
the Laker rear?

Maybe this new CBA has leveled the playing field, or just
maybe longtime owner Donald Sterling is being played with
like a weekend at Bernies skit, but no matter what comes
of this, they can't say it cost them anything.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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