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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pujols, LaRussa, The Packers & More Random Thoughts


Usually this posting on Saturday has alot to do with
the college football games on tap for the day, but
today there is only one game, as it should be.
Army - Navy, and these men and women deserve to be
center stage. Let's Support them, thank them, and
show them that we appreciate our freedom thanks to
THEM. Here are some more random thoughts from around
the world of sports this week.

Only Mike Scioscia is capable of not being involved in
any rumors that Tony LaRussa would eventually come out
of retirement if the Angels hiccup this year now that
Albert Pujols is on the team. Scioscia isn't going

Octavio Dotel just signed a free agent contract with
the Detroit Tigers. This is his 13th team !, talk
about frequent flier program.

How soon before some attaches any sort of Dream Team
moniker to either the Angels or Marlins?

Early pick for NFC representative in the Super Bowl
this year: NY Giants, yup I'm nuts, but I feel it

My vote for the Heisman tonight, and no it's not an
official vote, I don't have that level of importance
yet. Robert Griffin III, or RG3 if you prefer, the
kid is impressive, and If I had a ballot it would go
like this: 1. RG3 2. Monte Ball 3. Andrew Luck
Just Sayon'

Jim Mora Jr to coach UCLA is a bad choice, Tom Cable
would have been a better choice.

Arizona St fans making of a stink about the hiring of
June Jones made an even worse choice by making sure the
never went through with it. You could have actually
won some games for a change.

Charlie Weiss to coach at Kansas is a good choice.
Low expectations, but they will get a bigger return,
and this is Notre Dame, so the rules on academics may
be a little lighter, maybe.

I agree with Alan Hahn of NY Newsday on his Tweet earlier
today: "He (Tyson Chandler) and Amar'e may be the fittest
PF/C combo in NBA", I also think they may be the best trio
hen you add Carmelo as well. Now they need a PG, lol

Brandon Roy retiring is a shame, but bad knees are bad news.
Portland loses a good one, a real good one.

Did Dwight Howard really say he wanted to go to the NJ Nets?
Wow, Brooklyn Baby !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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