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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Texas Rangers Win Right To Overpay Yu Darvish, Fans Lose

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The old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Well it's broke, so why isn't anybody fixing it?
I don't understand how we have gotten to this point.
You would think that after all that has transpired with
Japanese pitchers like Hideki Irabu(RIP), Kai Igawa,
Daisuke Matsuzaka, etc. we might have learned a thing
or two. Trust me, I am by no means saying, don't sign
them, but $51.7 to negotiate a contract and then in
turn pay the pitcher another $40-$80 million more.
That's nuts, insane and just plain stupid, but it gets
done over and over again for one main reason, it's your

The argument is already being made that Darvish is the
best Japanese pitcher to come from Japan since Matsuzaka.
Well Matsuzaka cost the Red Sox $103 Million between
posting fee(51.1M) and contract(6 years for 52M) and his
record after five years he is 49-30 with 4.25ERA with a
very good team. This is not worthy of investing $17Mil+
per year on a pitcher that averages 3.9 games over .500
per year. Would you pay an American pitcher $17Mil if
he would be 10-6 every year? That's what he's averaging.

Yu Darvish has gaudy pitching numbers, but his numbers
hold the ultimate ***asterisk***. He pitches in Japan!
Smaller ballpark, smaller ball, smaller players, six
man rotation = pitching once per week. Do you know who
Tuffy Rhodes is? Rhodes was an American baseball player
who is the all-time leader for foreign-born players, and
tied for 10th overall, with 474 home runs in Japan.*
Do you know what his numbers are in the US? Six seasons,
13 Home Runs, .224 batting average. Get it?

My issue here is clearly not with Darvish, or even the
fact that he is half Iranian. I would never hold that
against him. My issue here is with the posting fee.
It's bad business that eventually only trickles down to
the fans, win or lose. It's broken, and needs to be fixed !


Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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