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Thursday, December 8, 2011

MLB & The LA Anaheim Angels Get Their First $30 Million Player

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Yes, you read correctly, Thirty Million Dollars, and if
you do the math you will be quick to say that a 10 year
$260 million contract only works out to $26 million per
year. Yes I know that too, but you need to do the hidden
math when looking at deals like this, and then you will
see that if Albert Pujols does not retire before the end
of this monster deal, it will be worth thirty million per
year to him.

Albert Pujols will be 32 at the start of this contract,
and no matter how great a hitter you want to tell me or
anyone else he his, just look at him. He has no foot
speed, he used to have "some". He looks like he limps
most of the time, and don't tell me it's because his
legs are soooooo muscular. There is no way that even
in a DH friendly American League Albert Pujols is
going to be the player he was last year at the age of
42, but with at least 2-3 years remaining when he will
truly start to hit the wall of his productivity, do you
think he's going to retire? With almost $100 million
at stake would you? This is essentially a 7 year
contract if everything breaks well for the Angels, and
I mean everything. Now if you break down the contract
and say $260 million over 7 good years, that works out
to $37,142,857.00 per year, remove the excess over the
30 million, and he gets more than he will be worth for
the last three years of his contract $49,999,999.99 or
almost $17 million per year to hit about 17hrs per year,
drive in about 75 runs and maybe appear in 135 games at
the most if he isn't on the DL too often.

Make no mistake, the Angels did their homework here,
this wasn't an impulsive decision. Again do the math,
if you take into account that ten years ago $20 million
was worth what about $25.5 is worth today, then there
you have a similar contract to the one that A-Rod signed.
More? Yes, but similar, and "LA"/Anaheim is a much bigger
market than Arlington, Texas was. So do you overpay to
get the prize free agent? Who doesn't? Pujols will be
able to DH in his senior years, which I will go on record
as to say that they will happen sooner rather than later.
The Angels will market the crap out of him and get back
most of their investment as well as probably see a World
Series appearance at least within the next fives years,
and make wonderful PR headlines all the while.

By the time this contract is over, we may even get to
find out if he is 32 in 2012 or he is 35, but hey,
today they made headlines, so why would anyone think that
this will be the end of that. It's all in the numbers.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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