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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ryan Braun A Cheat? Who's Next Albert Pujols?

Jeff Roberson -- Associated Press

I can say with total honesty that I would have gone out
of my way to tell you that before A-Rod was outed for
taking any sort of performance enhancing drugs, I was
beyond certain he was clean. I was wrong.

When Manny was being Manny, and got caught for PED's
I once again was a fool for feeling that in no way
could Manny have cheated like that, no way. Yes way,
I was wrong yet again. Well there's an old expression
that goes like this: "Fool me once shame on you, fool
me twice, shame on me". Well I let it get too far,
and I'm sure that many of you feel just about the same
way: No ONE is above suspicion, NO ONE.

Small market, large market, no matter, and Ryan Braun
is a gleaming example of that. How many MVP's in the
last 25 years have had their names shamed in this way?
The answer, far too many. Even one is far too many.
The Ryan Braun is just a nice Jewish kid who didn't
know what he was taking is what Spin Doctors will be
working overtime will say in order to try and get this
under control, but what I will say to you is just this:
Ryan Braun will either get caught again, like Manny, or
his numbers will fall off a cliff, not too much unlike

And now to my headline, who's next Albert Pujols?
Let me put it to you this way, I know nothing, have no
facts, and am making no accusations, but would not be
the least bit surprised if Pujols is caught or oughted
sooner rather than later. Not the least bit surprised.
One thing that this latest cheater made me consider is
that if Albert Pujols was totally and unequivocally
clean, he would have stayed in St. Louis. Theory? Yes.
What do I mean by that? He was hell bent on a 10 year
deal. He was adamant on a full no trade, and to me
money isn't always the answer to guys like Pujols.
Guys like him stay where they have the most comfort,
even for a little less money. The difference was only
$32 million dollars, money that he could have easily
made up in some other way in St. Louis. Being the
villain in St. Louis was a chance he can't take, with
the Angels there is no loyalty, so less shame. Now
this is all theory, nothing more, but I'm willing to
bet that Pujols isn't the only STAR that has a shot
at being caught. It finally looks like MLB might just
be getting it right. Now let's see if they are willing
to take down a really BIG fish, not just a small town
MVP. That is if their guilty of course.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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