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Monday, November 28, 2011

Urban Meyer Begins His Career With Ohio St. A Liar

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Now you may find this headline a bit extreme, and
you may even go as far to say that I'm exaggerating
or even that everyone does it, but nonetheless it's
true, Urban Meyer is a LIAR! I would also love to
hear how he would rationalize this to a player or
recruit when asked about it or when it's done to
him in a similar way.

Urban Meyer through ESPN statements, representatives,
his agent or whatever said that he had not been
offered, nor had he accepted a job as Head Coach of
the Ohio State football team. Call me naive, but I
find it hard to believe that that offer, acceptance,
details, and everything else involved took all but a
few minutes to take place. Again, you may find this
to be trivial, and point out numerous head coaches
both college and pro that do this, yet the fact still
remains that he LIED. Everyone does it? If everyone
jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge would Urban Meyer jump
off the Brooklyn Bridge?

I will not sit here and tell you that you're wrong in
your belief that this happens more often than not, but
a simple no comment could have been used as well.
I'm not silly enough to believe that this is more the
norm than the exception, but I will say that when you
are Urban Meyer and you portray yourself with this I'm
so mush better attitude, then perhaps you should attempt
to lead by example, or you shouldn't expect the same
from you players, recruits, their families, or anyone
else for that matter. Heck, what would Tim Tebow think
of your lying ways Dad, err, Coach?

Thank You Al Davis !

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