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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sports News Ripped From The Headlines

Courtesy: KSFY

Rich Rodriguez named head coach at Arizona.
Good move by him and the University of Arizona.
Don't be surprised if he succeeds there, much less
pressure at a school who has never succeeded on the
football field, a win win situation for both of them.

Justin Verlander wind both MVP and Cy Young Awards.
Normally I would be totally against this, but if there
was someone who deserved it it was Verlander, and
honestly was there anyone that was a "clear cut" MVP
that wasn't a pitcher in the AL this Year?

Jay Cutler is probably out for the rest of the
regular season at least

Now haters in Chicago will see how valuable he is
to the Bears. Still think he's soft? He finished
the game with that injury and got it chasing down
an interception return that could have been a pick
six, and wasn't even his fault. Can't be that soft

Vince Young wins in Michael Vicks absence
Don't get too excited Philadelphia, chance are the
Bears have a better chance of winning with Backup
QB Caleb Hanie than the Eagles do with Vince Young
if he hasn't shed some of the habits that got him
run out of Tennessee

First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Jill
Biden Booed at a NASCAR in Florida yesterday.

Really? Whatever happened to supporting your
President? If you don't like what he's doing vote
against him on election day and stop whining!

Thank You Al Davis !

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JPA said...

I am stunned Arizona is taking a flyer on Rich-Rod. Is the NCAA sanction committee invited to the press conference?