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Saturday, November 12, 2011

College Football: The Weekend After

A new feature here lately has been College Football
games I think are worth keeping an eye on, and just
one week after the debacle at Penn State it seems
that their game against Nebraska toady may have alot
more eyes on it than last weeks feature event of
1 vs 2 with Alabama, LSU. Sports can sometimes be
a welcome distraction, so I hope that as hard as it
seems to fathom that it may be for the victims and
their families, I hope it is, and their days get
brighter as opposed to darker moving forward.
Here are a few games besides Nebraska Penn State
that you may find interesting.

1. Michigan St vs Iowa
Ask Michigan if Coach Ferentz was welcoming last week
2. W Virginia vs Cincinnati
A 1 Loss Cincy team can really make some late noise here
3. Florida vs S Carolina
Spurrier can forget his teams underachieving with W here
4. Oklahoma St vs Texas Tech
Can the Red Raiders slay 2 Oklahoma giants in 1 season?
5. Miami vs Florida St
BIG game once, now a possible Al Golden audition
6. Michigan vs Illinois
Illini can save some face after three straight defeats
7. Auburn vs Georgia
Georgia surging after early season heat for Mark Richt
8. Maryland vs Notre Dame
Battle of weird uniforms this game, and ND needs this
9. Oregon vs Stanford
WOW, #3 vs #6, this is HUGE for both teams BCS title hopes

These ought to keep you pretty busy flipping channels, so try
and enjoy the games and your weekend

Thank You Al Davis !

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