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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Never Ending Weekend Of College Football Continues

Photo Credit: Getty Images, By: Christian Petersen

LSU showed Arkansas that they clearly do not belong
in the hunt for the BCS Championship, so today it's
Alabama's turn to tell Auburn that the Tide does.
The annual Iron Bowl game between Auburn and Alabama
is just the tip of an iceberg for what should prove
to be a great day of Thanksgiving Saturday College
football, so here is a guide of what games you should
keep an eye on for a variety of reasons.

1. Rutgers v UCONN - Could be a nine win season for
what may prove to be Penn St next head coach

2. Ohio St v Michigan - Make no mistake this game means
alot to these two, and Urban Meyer will be watching.

3. Michigan St v Northwestern - Northwestern can mess
with Michigan State just like when they went to Nebraska

4. Georgia v Georgia Tech - HUGE game for #13 Georgia,
winners of 9 straight, and matched up vs LSU next

5. Alabama v Auburn - When Conference foes meet, throw
the records out the window. Should be a good one.

6. Virgina v Virginia Tech - #6 Virginia Tech can benefit
win the Arkansas loss, a win and who knows who else losses.

7. Penn St v Wisconsin - The Badgers can't afford to lay
an egg, and a shot at the Big 10 Trophy is at stake here

8. Notre Dame v Standford - Means alot to Notre Dame, but
could mean a shot at the BCS Championship for Standford

9. Clemson v S Carolina - Alot of pride on the line here
and some positioning for a better Bowl bid for the winner

10. UCLA v USC - Sorta like the Alphabet Bowl, and the only
bowl for USC this year. Neuheisel needs this to save his job

This ought to stuff your football appetite as good if not
better than the Thanksgiving Turkey feast you had this week.
Enjoy !

Thank You Al Davis !

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