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Saturday, November 5, 2011

College Football Games Besides LSU Alabama

This is becoming a weekly feature I'm enjoying,
so I thought that since everyone is either
waiting for the LSU Alabama game or sick and
tired of the hype machine heading into it, that
I might point out a couple of other games of note
you might be interested in taking a peek at.

1. Michigan at Iowa
Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz never makes these games easy
2. Stanford at Oregon State
Does Stanford take advantage of an Alabama/LSU loss?
3. Cincinnati at Pitt
Can Cincy keep their first ranking in the Post Kelly era?
4. South Carolina at Arkansas
#10 at #8, this is big for both teams
5. Kansas St at Oklahoma State
Can K State recover from last weeks debacle?
6. Oregon at Washington
Can Oregon keep their BCS title hopes relevant?

Enjoy the Football

Thank You Al Davis !

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