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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rex Ryan, MLB, NBA, Random Thoughts

Courtesy: NY Post

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Rex was as vocal
as he was towards that fan, whether he used any
profanity or not, but he put that on himself.
When your mouth writes checks you can't cash,
people tend to make sure they get two cents in.

Quite a few sports fans had alot to say when Justin
Verlander was named AL MVP, and I get it, but like
I said earlier: Most times i agree tat a pitcher
should be eligible for MVP, but he was so dominant,
and after his first seven starts he went 22-2, and
one of those two loses was a 1-0 decision to Jered
Weaver. Not MOST valuable Player? Where would the
Tigers have been without him?

First Penn State, then Syracuse, but have you noticed
the difference? Syracuse is getting alot less press,
and I think alot of it has to do with the fact that
the man in charge Jim Boeheim came out right away and
said something. I love Joe Paterno, but I'm still
waiting for a decent explanation, and I'm afraid I
may never get it. Booo

I don't know about you, but I wasn't surprised at all
when I heard that their may be allegations form a
family member in the Jerry Sandusky accusations.
I mean come on, didn't it raise a red flag to you when
you first heard about this and then heard that ALL of
his kids were adopted, and there were foster kids too.
I was saying it privately to friends, but I was hoping
I was wrong. It seems I may not be.

And By The Way: Didn't Mrs. Sandusky ever think that
her husbands constant disappearance into the basement
whenever young male boys slept over was strange?
Is she a victim or just as guilty as the Penn State
people who looked the other way?

Back to MLB: So they agree on HGH testing in their
new CBA before the NFL who signed theirs months ago
did, but it seems that the players all do it in spring
training, so they all know it's coming and then only
if a player is suspected and the players union consents.
How likely do you think that's gonna be? Not very.

MLB did however agree to a new deal in principle with
their players, and no strike, no lockout. Maybe they
should takeover the NBA talks. NBA? What NBA?

Lots of good college football this weekend, so enjoy
the Turkey, drive safe and sober, and let's hope that
Arkansas or Auburn can throw a monkey wrench into this
whole BCS thing so we don't have to watch another LSU
Alabama field goal fest again.


Thank You Al Davis !

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