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Monday, November 14, 2011

Some NFL Observations On This Crazy Week

This may not cover all of what may seem strange, off
or funny with some of the results in the NFL thus far,
but it won't be far from the truth.

The Philadelphia Eagles loss to the Arizona Cardinals
on Sunday have turned the "Dream Team" into "Nightmare"
on Broad St.", Wow, I just can't see a recovery here.

The defending AFC West Champ KC Chiefs are 4-5, but
have been outscored by 87 points, which incidentally
is equal to the margin they were outscored in there
first two games of the season.

Tim Tebow has won three times as many games as Kyle
Orton has this year and on Sunday he threw EIGHT
passes and won. Unreal

The Baltimore Ravens have now lost two road games to
two teams that at the time were a one win team
(Jaguars), and a two win team(Seahawks), but yet
they have already swept the Steelers for 20111
How can you have any confidence in this team?

Are the 5-4 Falcons still going to the Super Bowl?
The Packers looked bad early last year as well, so
I guess it's still possible, but I'm not impressed.

As a starter for the Cardinals Fordham grad John
Skelton has twice as many wins as the guy they gave
up the high draft picks for Kevin Kolb, every analyst
anointed savior.

After a 5-0 start the Detroit Lions are 1-3

The Redskins are back!, to being the bad team we always
knew they always were. How badly are Mike and Kyle
Shanahan ripping off both Snyder and Redskins fans?

The 8-1 49er's can pretty much cruise into the playoffs
if they keep playing like this. The only notable
matches they have left are the Thursday night matchup
on Thanksgiving of the brothers Harbaugh at Baltimore,
and at least the Family will be together, but I would
love to be a fly at that table for the post game
conversation, and a home game against the Steelers on
12/19 in a game that should still matter to the Steelers.
They have already surpassed the win mark of last years
defending NFC Worst Champ Seahawks (7-9)

Back to back wins by the formerly winless Dolphins, and
I think it's safe to say that the Colts are very close
to being "on the clock"

Does anyone in the AFC scare you or make you believe that
they can beat the Green Bay Packers? Yeah, me neither.

Did I miss something? Let me know.

Thank You Al Davis !

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