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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A College & NFL FOOTBALL Feast

Courtesy: Turf Show Times

Green Bay and Detroit started out your Thanksgiving day
pigskin bonanza, and though that was soon thereafter
to be followed by Dallas and Miami it certainly wasn't
all there was. The Harbaugh bowl later took center
stage to cap off the evening and again this wasn't all.
College football fans also had a Texas Texas A&M battle
that could very well be there last for a long time, and
again this was to be just the beginning of what is and
was to be a weekend of football that seems never-ending.

College football on Friday had a huge tilt that would
see Arkansas and LSU with Alabama and Auburn to follow
Saturday, and then back to the NFL again on Sunday and
Monday. This certainly was not a weekend for Turkeys,
but rather just the right amount of football to keep
you craving the Bowls, and the NFL playoffs that follow.
If you're a football fan you are clearly in your element
this weekend and the bigger the upset, or the more a
team gets wronged in the BCS polls as far as your
concerned the deeper your passion for this is bound to
grow for more. Good food, good football, and if you're
lucky, good times with family and friends, WOW, what
else could you ask for?

So how long before football is truly year round?

Thank You Al Davis !

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