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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are The Miami Marlins Really Fishing, Or Are They Nuts?

Courtesy: Ball Park Chasers

The question here is pretty simple: Are they serious?
About what they have done, and offered these past few
days I mean, or is it simply just to drum up publicity?

In the last few days they have made offers to Jose Reyes
for 6 years at 90 million, which is not crazy by any
means, but a number the New York Mets can easily match,
and may match. They have offered Albert Pujols a 9 year
deal at about a little under 200 million, which again is
a number St. Louis would gladly match and has been tied
to in the past, and they have met with Chicago White Sox
free agent starting pitcher Mark Buehrle twice, and are
rumored to be making a strong push for him as well.

This is a team that at one point last year during a single
admission doubleheader drew approximately 250 people,
and they don't normally do much better at other times
either. They have actually had bad attendance numbers
even in years after they have won the World Series if
memory serves me correctly. So where do they think the
people are going to come from? Is this all smoke and
mirrors or do they really thin that a new stadium is
going to make people magically appear?

"If you build it they will come?" Maybe, but if you
suck, they will stop. They may not suck if they sign
all three of these players, but it's no guarantee they
will win either (See the Miami Heat, Philadelphia Eagles)

Thank You Al Davis !

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