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Friday, November 25, 2011

BCS Games & Non BCS Games Worth Tuning In To

By David Minton, Denton Record-Chronicle via AP

Football, football, and more football, and yet not all
these games on Thanksgiving Friday are worth tuning
into, but these games are definitely worth a glance
at the very very least.

1. Houston v Tulsa - at #8 Houston is still flying under
the radar at can improve their position if anyone falls

2. Nebraska v Iowa - Iowa can really put a nice cap on
their season. Nebraska has been fairly disappointing

3. Arkansas v LSU - This one can be an instant classic,
or a real dud if the Razorbacks don't show up for this.

Saturday is sure to hold some more gems, but let's start
with these to wet our appetite.

Thank You Al Davis !

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