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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NBA Lockout Starts To Turn Stomaches

Courtesy: NY Daily News

In most cases when there are strikes or lockouts in
professional sports leagues, I like to take a wait
and see approach before I choose to side with anyone
if anyone at all. In the case of the NFL lockout
I found the both sides had some good points, and
that's why it was necessary to compromise, which
they eventually did, and move on.

The NBA lockout has become an embarrassment of sorts
these last few weeks, because it seems that there is
something else going on which we as a society have
been trying to fight in recent years, BULLYING.
David Stern has made this battle one that could very
easily be broken down in the simplest of terms to
show how one can bully another, and though some may
call that "tough business negotiating", it's still
a form of bullying. Michael Jordan seems to be the
biggest hypocrite of all the owners, and has hunkered
down more than anyone, forgetting what it's like to
be a player, and thinking it's Cleveland in the NBA
playoffs all over again. There seems to be no
negotiating going on from the owners at all, I say
seems, because I am not in the room, but everything
we hear indicates that Stern is saying "this is what
we want in order to lift the lockout" and every time
the players give the owners say it's not enough.
Keep in mind that when these talks started the split
was 57% players 43% owners, a number I will be the
first to say is, and was unfair to the owners.
That number is now 51/49 players or maybe 50/50, but
Stern is threatening to only give the players 47%
if they don't accept the current deal which would
call for more concessions from the players on other
issues. Once again, I am not in that room with them,
but this to me comes across as trying to put a choke
hold on the players union, and not negotiating, but
trying to crush their partner, NOT opponent, partner.
The ABA was considered an opponent, the players work
with you to generate revenue with their play.

David Stern, Michael Jordan, and the rest of the
owners really need to show a little good faith here.
The players have already reduced the salary gap from
14% in their favor to about even. The NBA is about
to approach the "we don't care" status with the public
that the NHL reached when they sat out a whole season
in 04/05. Sign a 2, 3, 4 year deal, and continue to
work behind the scenes to bridge any other concerns you
have with each other. Show the fans ,and the public,
that they aren't just a meal ticket, but that you care
about whether they suffer in this or not. This is
getting really tired. Stop being a BULLY Mr Stern !

Thank You Al Davis !

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