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Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Very Murky

In case you thought my conspiracy theory was more
than a little bit of a stretch, I'm sure you're
not the only one, but you still can't deny that
there are way too many questions and facts that
make no sense what so ever. The NY Times has
had quite a few stories on this, from the Ray
Gricar mystery vanishing to another I leave for
you here that speaks to three others who could
have stopped this back in 1998. It is more than
a coincidence if you ask me, but I guess sometimes
we believe what we want to believe, like those
that are certain Joe Paterno is the villain here
without waiting to here more.

Let's make sure of one thing here, and this is the
most important: Please don't forget the victims,
the abused, the children. Let's not get too caught
up in finger pointing, and forget that they are the
ones that have and will continue to suffer the most.

Thank You Al Davis !

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