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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paterno, Sandusky & Gricar = Much Cloak & Dagger

CDT/Nabil K. Mark

As I have stated earlier, and continue to state here
this is not going to be about the defense of Joe
Paterno. This isn't going to be about feeling sorry
for an old guy who spent his entire life winning
football games and helping build Penn St. University
from the ground up, nope. This is about making sure
that we are not to quick to judge in this case.
I also don't want too get into a long winded never
ending article about why blaming Joe Paterno is a
bit premature here, yet does is not amaze you that
Jerry Sandusky has received less venom than Joe
Paterno has in the last few days? That this
despicable excuse for a human being is getting less
brunt than some of the other members of this scandal.

I will make these few points, and be happy to take
any comments or questions you may have about this.

1998 Paterno, and McQuery not involved, but DA,
Parent of an abused child, and Police are. Sandusky
is not prosecuted even though Police bring evidence
to then DA Ray Gricar of Sandusky admitting to childs
Parent, and apologizing for it while Police are hiding
in another room. Doesn't this seem off to you?

Campus Chief of Police knew of another incident or
incidents, and has since been arrested for not reporting
it to the Police. Why? Who was he protecting?

McQuery told Paterno of what he saw, and as a matter of
fact their Grand Jury testimony verifies the same
accounts by the two of them, therefore confirming that
Paterno relayed exactly what he was told. Paterno told
AD Tim Curly. Isn't that what he was supposed to do?

Curly told no one? Why? Who was he protecting?

McQuery's father stated recently that he's been living
with this for the past ten years. Really? Then why not
take action yourself and perhaps drop an anonymous letter
or phone call to the media or authorities?

McQuery didn't stop what he saw. OK, I get it, stunned,
blown away, scared, but he told Paterno. Isn't that what
he was supposed to do?

Blame Paterno? Does anyone really know what transpired
in closed door meetings with Paterno, Curly, etc.?
Perhaps Joe was lied to, and told the Police were
investigating. How do you know? Not making excuses,
Joe says he wants to talk, then maybe you should let
him talk.

Am I the only one that finds it a little more than
fishy that the original DA who didn't prosecute wound
up vanishing without a trace? No Cell Phone, No Car,
No Money, trashed work laptop without a hard drive,
and finally a recovered hard drive somewhere else
without one shred of retrievable data on it.

Another oddity is: Why now with the news? Why not
sooner? News comes after Paterno breaks record for
most wins in College football history? Who's pulling
the strings?

Here comes my version of the cloak and dagger, and
yes, I won't blame you one bit if you think I've
lost my mind, but this has NOTHING to do with Paterno.

I would not be in the least bit surprised if someone
of major pull is behind the scenes here. Research on
child molesters shows that abusers are likely to have
been abused once themselves. If this is true of Jerry
Sandusky, it is the only sympathy he will get from me,
because he was once a victim too, but I don't know
this for a fact. It's just that it seems too many
people have gone out of their way to let this guy
slide over and over, and I can't help but wonder if
they were influenced into doing so. Fear, money
intimidation, etc. If Sanusky's abuser is someone of
great power and influence in the state of Pennsylvania
who does not himself wish to be exposed, it may just
stand to reason that he believes that he will be, if
Sandusky is ever pushed to a point where he may expose
his abuser if he isn't protected. Conspiracy theory?
Sure, maybe. It's just that I don't understand how
this just kept so many people from talking, and one
from disappearing, I don't get it.

Penn St looked out for dollars and cents last night,
not for the victims, that could have, and should have
been done along time ago. These are the very same
dollars and sense that Paterno helped turn into a
ONE BILLION DOLLAR endowment for the University,
and though that should never make him immune to these
sorts of crimes, it should afford him the time to
explain himself. We often criticize people when they
hide behind lawyers, and yet when Paterno wanted to
speak at his normal Tuesday press conference and tell
people what they wanted to hear, but he was silenced
by the University. Paterno will get his story out,
and I assure you will want to hear it. It may not
be what you imagine or like, but at least he won't

Make no mistake here, Paterno could have done more,
but just how much more may be subject to debate.
Paterno, Spanier, McQueary, Curly, etc. Guilty of
falling short yes, but definitely to varying degrees,
and since we don't know the FULL story, I think I'll

If nothing else, can we keep one thing in perspective
here? Jerry Sandusky did all of this, NOT Joe Paterno!

Thank You Al Davis !


Anonymous said...

Paterno told one guy. McQueary told one guy. McQuery should have beat Sandusky into dirt, grabbed the kid and gone to the cops. Paterno, should have called the police immediately. That would be normal human reaction. There are only two reasons why they woudn't act this way. #1 is Fear for losing their own opportunities... inexcusable if this is the case. #2 is they actually felt completely powerless to do anything about it... meaning they believed the police wouldn't or couldn't do anything about it. If that is the case, Sandusky must have more prominent people that he is still protecting.

Anonymous said...

The FACT that Gricar's laptop's hard drive was eventually found but contents unrecoverable, along with the FACT that authorities are alleged to have found evidence on Gricar's home computer of web searches for how to destroy a hard drive, lead me to ask, WHAT DID GRICAR STORE ON HIS LAPTOP THAT HE DIDN"T WANT FOUND AND SEEN?... THIS smells as bad as the rest of the sordid fishiness.