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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pitchers & Catchers Are Ready To Roll

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

I'm sure the the upcoming baseball season will have
have many more story lines than I can possibly put
together here in this little article, but here are
a few questions that are bound to come up.

Manny Ramirez is trying to make a comeback, do you
or anyone else care?, and doesn't he have to suit
out 100 games to serve his suspension first?

How does adding Bobby Valentine to the mix affect
the Red Sox Yankees rivalry? Is it still going to
be just those two teams in the AL East in 2012 or
does Tampa pull it out of a hat again?

Do you like the fact that the new wild card rules add
an extra wild card team and essentially make it harder
for any wild card team to win the World Series?

Is the pressure of winning both the MVP & the Cy Young
going to be so much that Justin Verlander is bound to
have a bad season this year, or can he sustain what he
accomplished in 2012 and benefit with the addition of
Prince Fielder?

Will the Wilpons still be owners of the New York Mets
for the rest of 2012 or in 2013?

If Johnny Damon plays this season does he help or hurt
his chances of being considered for the Hall of Fame?
Here are some of his numbers: 2,723 Hits, almost 1,000
walks, over 400 stolen bases, 200+ HR's and at least
two rings.

What will the St. Louis Cardinals look like without Tony
running the show?, and will they get the chance
to repeat?

Are the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles/Sacramento/Beverly
Hills/San Bernadino/Compton
the team to beat in the AL
with the additions of Albert Pujols, and C.J. Wilson?

Can Josh Hamilton stay clean?

Will the whispers begin about whether Albert Pujols
is lying about his age? or whether he has used PED's?

Can Don Mattingly and the Dodgers surprise the NL and
make their way to the World Series under new ownership?

Are the Phillies a real threat without Ryan Howard for
a large chunk of the start of the season?

What now for Ryan Braun?

Will the Miami Marlins draw more than 15,000 a game
once the new stadium luster wears off?, can they compete
for the NL East with the Phillies and Braves?

Bonus question? Will Jeremy Lin be asked to toss out
ceremonial first pitch at any baseball game this year?

Thoughts and Prayers out to Tony Gywnn, get well soon !

Their will be many more were these came from.
Play Ball !

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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