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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets Should Be In Philadelphia 76er's Position In The Standings, So Why Aren't They?

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Just because you're a Billionaire it doesn't mean your
the brightest bulb in the batch, and though I am not
necessarily accusing New Jersey Nets Owner Mikhail
Prokhorov of being a dummy, I do have one question I
would love to ask given the opportunity, Why did you
let Rod Thorn go?

The reason for this question is quite simple, and jumps
off the page for anyone that either roots for the Nets
or follows the NBA, the 76ers have been on the rise
ever since Thorn got their, and the Nets cannot say the
same. In June of 2000 Rod Thorn joined the Nets as
their head man and guided them to their only two NBA
Finals appearances, back to back, and even though they
were both losses, it was an impressive feat nonetheless.
He left during the offseason in 2010, and the Nets have
a record of 34-82 since, while the Sixers sit in first
in the Atlantic division this season, and have a record
of 61-53 in that same span which happens to coincide
with when Thorn took over in August of 2010.

What gives? You want Dwight Howard. You want to Deron
Williams to stay, and not leave via free agency.
What are you showing them and future free agents that
this is a team worth joining, besides money, and maybe
that right there is the answer, $MONEY$. I guess it may
not matter to some guys, but if you want a Championship
then it will take someone that can spend your money well,
and thus far Billy King hasn't shown he is capable of
shining Rod Thorn's shoes. It will also make it hard
for the Nets fan out there to stay optimistic, whoever
he is.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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