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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NY Mets Get Ready For Another Season Of Folly

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Mets Terry Collins is without question one of the
brighter beacons of hope the Mets have right now.
He talks a good game, has some nice young players
on the roster, and they do indeed love playing for
him, but as much as I am a firm believer that a
positive attitude is a must, I'm just not buying
the fact that the Mets are gonna make some noise
this season. They made noise last season for
about 65% of the season, and it was great, but I
can't see them doing any better than that, so
anything less is just a little disappointing.

I won't go over a laundry list of things that they
need to do, change, or you can expect, but I will
tell you that there are a couple of things that
aren't very favorable.

The most obvious of all is ownership. I am not
going to sit here at tell you that I hope they
sell, lose, or are forced to sell the franchise,
I just can't do that, it's not one of my things,
but the Wilpons and their financial problems are
going to be a crutch on this team all year long,
and until they get their affairs in order going

The second thing that bugs me is that their best
player is being dangled at us, as if a carrot stick
in front of a carriage horse. This time last year
we heard that there was a possibility that Johan
Santana "could" be back in July, then August, then
maybe a start or two in September, perhaps just a
rehab start, but nothing, A few weeks ago the word
was that he "should" be back in time for the start
of the season. What do you mean should?! What the
heck was all this garbage you've been feeding us all
this time then? Setbacks? OK, now he will be back
in time for opening day, but you hope you can get 25
to 28 starts from him. Good Luck with that is what
I have to say.

Then theirs payroll, and though this may sound like
the first gripe, but it isn't necessarily the same.
The thing here is that owners can choose to spend
what they want, money problems or not, and the Mets
have chosen to cut payroll by about $20-30Mil this
season, and there is just no way that by doing this,
that they have improved the team. No Beltran, No
Reyes, No added free agents to help pick up the
slack, and four teams in your division that all
improved. The Wilpons will actually save more since
they will no longer have to pay an extra $18Mil to
Oliver Perez, and Luis Castillo this year.

The last one might be the biggest head scratcher of
all, Jeremy Lin. Yes you read right, Jeremy Lin!
Terry Collins wants us to understand that they may
have a Jeremy Lin of their own, and though he doesn't
know who that is yet, it is just as likely to happen
to the Mets as it is to the Knicks. OK, since no one
can honestly say that they saw how big Victor Cruz was
gonna be for the Giants, and Jeremy Lin was gonna be
for the Knicks, maybe Ruben Tejada, Andres Torres or
some yet to be mentioned player will be the that guy
for Terry Collins and the Mets, but I won't hang my
hat on that either.

I like Terry Collins, and I believe that they will be
very fun to watch at times as well as very frustrating.
I also believe that we all need to step back and learn
from the departure of one of the great New York Mets in
their history, Gary Carter. Carter played hard, had fun,
and always smiled, and now that he's no longer with us
we can appreciate that it's just a game, no matter how
wrapped we get in it, it's just a game.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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