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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For Manning Family Eli Provides A Little Payback For Peyton

Courtesy BSO
It was never Eli Manning vs Tom Brady, just like it
was never Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning, but you can't
help but see the connection in latest defeat of Brady
that Eli and the NY Giants provided on Super Bowl
Sunday to the "Dynasty" that once was the Patriots.
As I mention in a previous radio show, this isn't like
Mike Piazza facing off against Roger Clemens, there is
no head to head encounter, football is quite different.

Year after year the Brady, Belichick and the Patriots
tortured big brother Peyton Manning in his quest to
win a Championship of his own, but the Patriots always
in some way, shape, or form stood in his way and in the
way of the Indianapolis Colts. By the time Peyton got
his trophy, the Pats had already won three, so though
their was the thrill of victory for Peyton, there were
also far many more tortured nights previous to that.

Now little brother Eli, the lesser talented QB of the
two according to the experts and most of the fans that
follow this great game we call football, had his chance
four years ago at Super Bowl XLII to bring down the well
oiled, undefeated machine that was destined to win once
again, and break a record that had stood nearly four
decades, an undefeated season and a Trophy to go with it.
It was an impossible task, but possible it became.
Now four years later those very same Pats, Brady, and
Belichick had their own chance at redemption just like
all those times Peyton looked for his and finally got it,
except they didn't. Tom, Bill, and even Robert(Kraft)
were once again turned away by Peyton's little brother Eli.
Their would be no redemption on Sunday night for the Pats
with a second chance against the team that ruined perfection
for the them and their fans, but perhaps a little for the
family Manning.

Eli and Tom didn't square off head to head, but Eli did
look like what Brady used to look like and Brady like what
folks thought Eli was, just not quite good enough.
I guarantee you that Eli did not have this in the forefront
of his mind, but in looking back he can, if he wishes to,
consider that he provided Tom Brady and company a little
payback for all the frustration big brother Peyton had to
endure oh so many years ago, and the little brother showed
everyone that even big brothers can use a hand now and then.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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