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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guilty Or Not, Ryan Braun Is Dirty And Knows It !


Ryan Braun and his "people" can spin it any way they
want, and throw anyone under the bus that they wish,
but the fact remains the same, he is dirty.

Braun may not have the GIANT goalie mask size head
that Barry Bonds had, the MUSCULAR guns on his arms
that Mark McGwire did, or even the TEMPESTUOUS bad
temper that Roger Clemens had/has, but the test he
took on that Oct 1st Saturday night last fall came
back with the highest ever recorded levels of
testosterone in any such test, and that's a fact
that Braun and his people have yet to dispute with
any validity. The sample wasn't tampered with,
and Braun's initial defense which has yet to be made
public had nothing to do with this technicality, and
yet he walks away with the MVP, and no need to serve
a 50 game suspension he deserves. It's a bush league
move by Braun to volunteer a retest months later when
we know full well that all this junk is well out of
his system by now. I do wonder however if testing one
of his long strands of hair is allowed under the drug
testing under the agreement by the Union and MLB, and
if so if he would be so quick to volunteer a retest

Nothing I've written here is NEW, but it is worth
repeating over and over again. Ryan Braun cheated,
and though I should no longer and can no longer be
surprised by such acts of deception by athletes, I
am still disappointed by it, and you should be too.
It will be interesting to see his numbers this year,
don't you agree?

Next question should be why is Manny Ramirez only
going to serve a 50 game suspension when it should be
a 100 for a second offense. Shame, Shame!

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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