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Sunday, January 15, 2012

NFL Divisonal Saturday Observations & Tim Tebow

AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

In case you missed it, or even tried to ignore it
there were definitely other things going on, on
and off the field that get missed or overlooked,
their always are. Now some of these may seem
very obvious, but it occurs to me that they are
still worth mentioning.

Invisibles - That is not plural, it's actually one
to say invisible in Spanish, and one other way to
describe OchoCinco or EightFive or Chad Johnson
or whatever he wishes to called, but what the heck
are the Patriots doing holding on to this guy?
He was in for ONE snap in a blowout last night
and has barely seen the field at all this season.
We know they're not afraid to cut guys, so are they
just doing him a favor and trying to get him a ring?

Best Team Lost? - Don't get the wrong idea, BUT did
it seem that even though the 49ers came out on top,
that the Saints were still the better team? I mean
I picked the 49ers to win, but the Saints just look
better to me, they just need to learn to play away
from home. I assure you, the best thing the Niners
did to win that game is get the #2 seed, because if
that game was played in New Orleans, it would have
looked alot more like the Pats Broncos game, than
the miracle in Candlestick it was.

Busted From Within - I am a John Fox fan, but last
night it seemed that he was as responsible for the
blowout loss to the Pats as Tim Tebow or anyone else
on that team was. It just didn't seem he was on the
ball at all, and basically conceded defeat before the
end of the first quarter. His time management skills
at the end of the half were similar to a first time
head coach. It's really unfortunate, because even
though their was little belief if any that the Broncos
could actually pull out a win, they never got any help
from their coach on this one.

A Man Among Men - Win or Lose their is no doubt that
we need more athletes and people like Tim Tebow around.
I have gotten alot of criticism for saying how I don't
think he's a good quarterback, and I stand by that, but
I haven't said I don't like him, not once. He plays
hard, is a good sportsman, and honestly seems to care,
and I'd be happy have 53 Tim Tebow's on my team than
some of these so called overblown Superstars that take
center stage every night. he may have lost on the
scoreboard, but I will say it again and again until he
proves me wrong, he is a winner in LIFE.

Defense Wins Championships - That may typically be the
case, but the favorites right now, have lousy defenses,
by the numbers anyway. Defense won yesterday in the
Saints 49ers game, but in the Broncos Pats game it was
the team with the better offense that won, and I just
don't see the 49ers going to Lambeau and winning if it
comes to that. We'll see.

Establish The Run - Apparently the Saints don't adhere
to that school of thought, and thy didn't get Darren
Sproles for that either. Drew Brees threw the ball 63
times, and Sproles caught it a record 15 times, but he
THREE times. The Saints as a team only rushed it 14,
but one was Brees, which was probably a scramble, so
realistically 13 times. Handcuff the defensive backs,
and it becomes a passing league. Drew Brees is a great
QB, but I'm still not as impressed as many by his Marino
record breaker this year.

I'm sure today will hold alot more stories, it's inevitable.

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