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Monday, January 2, 2012

BCS & The College Bowl Games: What Happened?

(Cartoon by Nick Anderson)

It's January the 2nd and if we scroll back the
calender about twenty years or so, all of the bowl
games would be done by now. For some people this
is day is a good day, for others, well, it's a
different. The BCS has made things very different
indeed. No more voting for the National Champ, or
isn't there? I mean they still vote, only thing is
the computer smooths out more votes from more voters
and adds a formula now, makes it kind of fancy and
all scientific and stuff.

Though it's always been about money, it is much more
so now. Seventy teams, play in thirty five bowls,
and most of them are just giant infomercials with a
game thrown in to keep you watching in the interim.
The Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl?, San Diego County Credit
Union Poinsettia Bowl?, The Meineke Car Care Bowl?,
The BBVA Compass Bowl, Really? So when do we get
The "Jimmy learns to tie his shoelaces Bowl"?, or
more realistically the "Eat at Tony's Pizza Bowl"?
What is this Pee Wee, where there are no losers, so
everyone has to play in a Bowl game so no one gets
there feelings hurt? I wish it were that easy.

My father in law still gripes about when Penn State
had to share a National Title with BYU because of
the split with the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll or
something like that. He wasn't entirely wrong, even
if I do disagree with him on some level, but I get
his point, but that is just another example of how
the NCAA has never, and still doesn't get it right
when it comes to the Football part of the equation.
Business wise it seems to be earning just fine, but
if the players try and make a nickel the schools all
of sudden start to hear the words "Death Penalty"
The season grows longer and longer, more "Bowl" games
are added, more sponsorships are obtained, but no
playoffs are added. Why? Because these are "Student
Athletes" that's why. But it's ok to make them play
deep into January, make the schools money with no
"real" compensation for them and banish them from
playing if the make a dime from the celebrity?

Time for me to sound like I'm 90 again, and tell you
about how I used to walk to school barefoot in the
snow uphill both ways when I was a kid, but the truth
of the matter is that I would rather go back to the
pre BCS days when all the Big games were played on
Dec 31st, January 1st, and you might, might have a
game on Jan 2nd due to scheduling, than the crap I
see today. Knowing that the Championship game is on
January 9th now only to find out that in another ten
years it will probably be scheduled around the last
week of January is just getting annoying. If the
NCAA wants football 11 months a year then they should
just say so, make EVERY game a bowl game, and don't
use a wins and loss column in the standings so no one
gets their feelings hurt. They should also makings
sure that all games a distinct sponsor attached to
them so that we know what we should buy beforehand.

As some unknown author once put it: "If you don't stand
up for something, you'll fall for anything."

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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