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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Evening Quarterback

The NFL's Wildcard weekend had other news and tidbits as
well, so I thought some might be worth mentioning.

The Schottenheimer effect: No this isn't me ragging on
the Schottenheimer family again, and talking about the
curse. It is interesting to note that Brain has a shot
at the Jacksonville job, while Marty is in the running
for the Tampa job with the Bucs, and with Jeff Fisher
close to turning down the Dolphins to take the Rams job,
there's a good chance the only way Florida sees a
Super Bowl is if they host it. Just sayin'

Giants at Green Bay Part II: No Brett Favre, but the
Giants come in as dogs again, and just for the record,
I picked the Giants to represent the NFC in the BIG
game a few weeks ago, so this is big.

The Tebow Effect: No one has a thing to say when he throws
for 60 yards, a pick and his team puts three points up on
board in the regular season at home when they need the game
to get into the playoffs, but the Raiders lose, the Broncos
get in, and it was ALL TEBOW, and his pal upstairs of course.
I'm sure he got help from upstairs too, to make sure Ryan
Clark had Sickle Cell, so he wouldn't be able to play as well.

Coaching Carousel Hires 3 years later: If Todd Haley doesn't
get the OC gig with the Jets, he may return to Arizona for
the same job, he left behind in 08' to be HC of the Chiefs.
That would mean that two of the hot, more overblown Head Coach
prospects of 2008 would be back with their old team doing their
old job. Josh McDaniels is the other. Today Arizona fired
their QB coach, who probably got blamed for the ALMIGHTY Kevin
Kolb laying an overpriced egg.

Dirty Dirty Birds: Falcons D coordinator Brian VanGorder left the
Falcons to accept the same position at Auburn. Guess he realized
that the Falcons were over rated and weren't to get anywhere with
Matt Ryan as their QB. Who's next Chuck Pagano?

I could go on all day, but that's all for now.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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