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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brian Schottenheimer & Jeff Fisher: Pays To Have A Good Reputation

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Just like many other things in life, having a good
reputation is a very key. Build a good one and you're
bound to succeed, build a bad one and but a few will
take a second look at you.

The NFL coaching carousel spinning right now is really
not too much different. If we take a look at these two
hot names right now, they are perfect examples of a good
reputation. Look at Brian Schottenheimer, Jets fans for
the better part of his stay in NY have been dying to run
Brian out of town, and yet due to his reputation around
the league he remains a very hot coaching commodity.
As offensive coordinator for the NY Jets this year, his
offense scored the 5th most points in the AFC, but yet
they seemed so very in inept at times. Was it the QB or
was it Brian? As hot as his name as remains, it would
lead you to believe it was the weapons not the offensive
coordinator. A good reputation will do that for you.

Now let's look at another name that remains smoking hot
throughout the coaching circles in yet to be filled spots
so far this year. Jeff Fisher about to start a bidding
war between the St Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins.
Both teams have owners with deep pockets and are desperate
to win NOW. Fisher's reputation as a good coach is about
to make one of those teams party very dearly. Now, I don't
dispute that Fisher is not just a good coach but a very good
coach, it's just that it's his reputation that is really
what's leading the way here.

Fisher has never won a Super Bowl as a head coach, he has
never appeared in more than one Super Bowl as a head coach,
and his 142 wins over 16 full seasons average out to about a
9 and 7 season, every season. As has been said many times,
before numbers don't lie. And though I am quite sure he's
going to make either the Dolphins or Rams a better team I
just wonder whether he's going to be worth the money that
they are going to be throwing at him.

The moral here without a doubt is: Maintain a good reputation
and you can get just about anything you want, at least if you
are an NFL head coach.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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