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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Break Up The New York Jets

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No, seriously, break up the Jets. I know that it's
an expression used for when a team is doing really
well, but in this case the Jets who are not doing
well, are not just being broken up, but are falling
apart and trying to reassemble.

If the expression is "defense wins championships",
then I have a new one for you, "offense gets the
blame". The Jets scored the 5th most points in the
AFC this season, 1 point less than the 12-4 Baltimore
Ravens, 11th most in the NFL, that's in the top half
of all teams. Their defense allowed the 6th most
in AFC, 13th most in the NFL, that's the bottom half
in the league. The defense even allowed more points
than the woefully bad New England Patriots defense,
and though I'm sure you can make the case some some of
the points allowed came from the offense, and some of
the points scored came from the defense, those numbers
are usually a wash.

This is all relevant because since the season ended
just 10 short days ago, the Jets have lost a very good
O-Line coach in Bill Callahan (to Dallas), their WR
Coach Henry Ellard, their Offensive Coordinator Brian
Schottenheimer ("resigned"), and Quarterbacks Coach
Matt Cavanaugh. The defense kinda stunk this season
and the offense is getting revamped, huh. I'll be the
first to tell you that their offense kinda looked inept
this season, but it has the previous 2 seasons as well
and as the Jets are quick to point out, they went to
the AFC Championship two years in a row, so why such a
fuss now?

Is it fan uproar? Is it a panic move?, or is it because
their coach is all about the defense, and they can't
blame him if they are keeping him around this season or
beyond? I think it's clear that the last option is much
more viable, but I will remove the "beyond" part.
If the Jets look like this again this time next year,
they will be breaking up the Jets alright, and it may
start with Rex, though I'm not sure that their GM is
really safe from what might be a total gutting, in a
heads will roll type of atmosphere, and this off season
is just a preview of what may come.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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