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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yankees Collapse In ALCS, Inevitable

You don't have to be a Yankee hater or detractor to say I told
so on this one.  Critics and experts have been warning Yankee
fans all year, live by the Home Run, DIE by the Home Run,
and that's exactly what the Yankees did.  This was the worst
defeat the Yankees have suffered since being swept by the
Big red Machine Cincinnati Reds in the World Series back in
1976, and even though they blew a 3-0 game lead vs the Red
Sox just a few short years ago, they did win three games.
For an organization that is as prideful as the Yankees, they all
hurt, and this was the 1st time they had ever been swept in an

The Yankees couldn't manufacture any runs, got badly out hit
by a team that had the fewest wins of all the playoff teams, 
and the only time they showed ANY life was with the 2 two
run home runs in game one in the bottom of the ninth and
with Eduardo Nunez's solo shot in the top of the ninth on game
three.  That's all this team had going for it, not a single solitary
thing more.

Once their Captain Derek Jeter went down it was even more
evident that any comeback had left the building.  Fans blame
A-Rod, but please feel free to spread the wealth.  Swisher,
Texeira, and Cano among the big names were just as equally
to blame.  Any other thought is ludicrous.  You may and can
look forward to pitchers and catchers in 2013 Yankee fans,
but unless this team gets younger, learns to run, and steal bases,
the only thing you can look forward to is lapping the field in the
regular season and falling on your face during October baseball.


 Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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