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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pre BCS Ranking Football Must Watch List 
Photo: Michael Conroy, AP 
The picks of must watch games the have been real real
good, so it's worth checking in here to see what might be
a good suggestion.   Last week all of the  the suggestions
had some merit in one way or another, and now that the
BCS rankings are right around the corner, you can expect
the games to get even more competitive.
Check out these games: 

1. Notre Dame vs Stanford - This game is going to say quite
a bit about the winner and help one of these tow make a
huge leap in the first BCS numbers for 2012.  Notre Dame
has trailed ONCE this season, Don't miss it !

2. Texas vs Oklahoma - Always a good one to begin with,
and now the winner can really benefit form a victory against
a high ranked opponent.  Let the Red River flow.
3. South Carolina vs LSU - This could crush LSU's season
or make them relevant again, and it's time for us to see is
Spurrier's Gamecocks performance last week was the real
deal or just a fluke.
Honorable Mentions:
Syracuse vs Rutgers
Texas A&M vs La. Tech
Fresno St. vs Boise St.


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