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Saturday, October 27, 2012

BCS & Non BCS College Football Watch List


These games are getting so important and so good that
I don't even need to look very hard  now that they have
such a large bearing on  BCS rankings and are even a big
deal to school like Penn State and Ohio State who aren't
even Bowl eligible.  Last week proved to be a pretty solid 
schedule of suggestions and fairly solid, this week though
it's gonna be hard to top some of the key games.
Check these out: 
1. Notre Dame vs Oklahoma - I can't tell if this is gonna
be a blowout or if it's going to live up to it's billing, but
whoever wins this game is going to benefit hugely in the
BCS Standings long term if they stay undefeated the rest
of the way.

2. Florida vs Georgia - The gators have everything to lose
with a loss here and the Bulldogs everything to gain if they
can manage to win this one and save face after a beating
at the hands of South Carolina a few weeks back. With
this game at Georgia, anything is possible.  
3. Penn State vs Ohio State - This is the biggest game to
not have any impact in the standings.  As mentioned at the
top, neither of these games are bowl eligible, but Ohio State
only has to wait til next year, while PSU has 3 more years
of waiting after this.  The truth is, it means alot more to the 
Nittany Lions than it does to the Buckeyes, but if Ohio St.
loses, it will be a major letdown for Urban Meyers squad.

Honorable Mentions:
Alabama vs Mississippi St 
Kansas St vs Texas Tech
Kent St vs Rutgers 


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