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Monday, March 12, 2012

Redskins Move For RG III Is Worth It

With all the talk about Andrew luck these days it's
easy to forget that many a great quarterback failed
to be drafted with the number one overall pick in the
NFL draft. Not only will this continue to happen as
long as a draft exists, but you can count on it to
happen once again in this years event as well.

Robert Griffin III, or RG III is of course who I'm
speaking of. I not only believe that RG III will turn
into a stellar NFL caliber QB, but I am also quite
confident that he will be a better bet to succeed at
that position than the aforementioned Luck. The trade
for the right to pick #2 overall in the 2012 draft and
ultimately get RG III is probably the only thing that
might get the Colts and Luck off the hook pressure wise
when it comes to the draft, and that's only because the
Redskins gave up so much to get him. First round picks
in three drafts and a second round pick in another are
quite the ransom, but if you really want to be fair
about this, and are willing to concede that not only is
Griffin not a lock to succeed and neither is Luck, then
it's only a small price to pay for the guy you want
RIGHT NOW. Normally when you pick first and your pick
doesn't pan out, he is eventually labeled a bust, but
that does not always apply to the #2 pick, because in
essence you had one less choice, and an excuse as well
if #1 does pan out for the team that picks ahead of you.
This year, that won't be the case, not with this trade,
and not with the price that was paid to move up to #2,
and yet I applaud the Redskins for doing this.

Though Daniel Snyder has never been afraid to pull the
trigger on the player he wants, at least this time he
has two guys who know something about football running
the show for him and playing a big part in this trade
in Bruce Allen, and Mike Shananhan. Though I have never
been a big Shanahan supporter, I can't really argue with
this move. It was brash, bold, aggressive, and the right
thing to do. Even if the Colts wise up and see what many
other people are seeing and change their mind to pick
RG III instead of Luck, the Redskins can always say that
they got the best QB in the draft, and that's what they
were hoping for, and save face.

I was kinda rooting for the Browns to pull this off, and
since they were early favorites in moving up into the Rams
spot, it's probably what drove the price up. Holmgren may
be a bright football mind, but letting this one get away
might prove to be a fatal for football in Cleveland for a
little while longer, and it seems as though the fans there
just knew this wasn't going to be an Eric Couch situation
all over again. Looks like Kyrie Irving is going to have
to not only pick up the slack for the LeBron departure, but
for some bad football for Clevelanders as well unless Colt
McCoy has a resurrection of sorts.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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