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Saturday, March 10, 2012

For Peyton Manning The Broncos Must Look Past Tebow

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Now that it's clear that Denver Broncos are very
serious in their pursuit of Peyton Manning it's
time they take the gloves off and stop worrying
about whether or not they hurt anyone's feelings.

The situation in Denver is quite clear, Elway is
enamored with the possibility of making Manning
the starting QB of the Broncos, but the feeling
among outsiders is that this will alienate fans
of Tim Tebow. So? If they were knowledgeable
in the first place they would be all for it, and
realize that this will only benefit Tebow, and
the Broncos long term if he really has any chance
of being a true NFL caliber QB. Elway is doing
the right thing here, these opportunities don't
present themselves everyday, and it can only
benefit both the team which is Elway's first
priority, and Tebow which could in turn benefit
the Broncos once again. Put blinders on and go
forward, this is very wise and should be pursued

In New York the media was all over this as well,
and the concern there was that though no one was
worried about ticking off any of Sanchez's fans,
it could hurt Sanchez's psyche and confidence if
the Jets pursuit of Manning had gone public and
then they fell short. Again, so? Sanchez is a
good QB, and much unlike Tim Tebow, this wasn't
a question, but he isn't a finished product as of
yet, and it's starting to show. He could clearly
have benefited sitting behind Peyton for a couple
of years(See Aaron Rodgers). Dare I say it, Pete
Carroll was right, Sanchez should have stayed at
USC one more season. At the time it sounded as
though Carroll didn't want to lose his starting
QB, and that may be true, but he was also correct
in his assessment that Sanchez needed more time
behind center on the college level. Sanchez could
easily have gotten this by watching Manning for a
couple of seasons, and might even earned a ring
along the way. Much like I wrote earlier, I still
feel the same, for the Jets this was a no-brainer,
but now you have a work in progress Mark Sanchez
to look forward to for a few more years and a new
contract extension to go with it.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

1 comment:

JPA said...

I could not agree more Nick. Tebow has won many games but it is questionable whether he is an NFL QB. The only questino with Manning is whether he is the best QB ever. He has a couple of years. Elway will pull the trigger.