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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If Peyton Manning Is Let Go, Blame The Money

Photograph by Taylor Castle

Nobody wants to be in the position that Jim Irsay is
in, so to speak, but if they were, then it's fair to
say that everyone believes they have the right answer
to the Manning situation that will play out this week.
So do I.

I've said it before, and I only changed my view once,
and that was when reports said that Peyton had an arm
like spaghetti, and couldn't grip the ball, but now
that it seems his progress is indeed very good, I will
repeat my initial stance, keep Manning, and find an
alternative plan for Andrew Luck. Though it's clear
that the NFL is a business, even business' show some
loyalty, and the Colts can do that, and still come
out winners in the Wins and Loss column on Sundays
next Fall. If Jim Irsay is really in love with Andrew
Luck as his QB of the future, he can still have that,
and keep Peyton. The new CBA signed this past Fall is
very owner friendly, even if you happen to have the #1
overall pick. It's still very affordable, and really,
who gives a rats a$$ what Andrew Luck wants? He'll
get paid and he'll get over it!

If Jim Irsay just doesn't want to pay Manning or is in
the mood to help Jeff Wilpon pay off his lawsuit, or
wants to save a few million, he should just say so,
because when Manning lands elsewhere and makes a fool
of him and the Colts he won't have a good enough reason
to justify letting the franchise go. He could follow
in the footsteps of M. Donald Grant when he traded away
Tom Seaver for the Mets, or he could look like a genius
and have his cake and eat it too. This could clearly
be the best transition of QB's since Steve Young took
over for Joe Montana in San Francisco. Though that was
not pretty either, at least Young was ready, and you
can't say the same for Andrew Luck.

Like the headline says, blame the $$$. Peyton Manning
will be in another playoff game well before the Colts
and Jim Irsay are if he fouls this one up, and we know
how well the Irsay family came out smelling Roses in
the whole moving the team in the middle of the night
fiasco in Baltimore. Hopefully he can learn from
Irsay Sr.'s boneheaded mistake their and show some
loyalty where it's deserved.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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