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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mike D'Antoni The Fall Guy For MSG's Mistakes

NBAE/Getty Images

Blame Mike D'Antoni, blame Carmelo Anthony, blame
Jeremy Lin, blame Amar'e Stoudimire, blame the
defense, blame the lack of offense, but no matter
who you blame, just realize that their is more than
enough blame to go around. I blame the hierarchy
at MSG, whether that means Jim Dolan, Glen Grunwald,
or some other exec I have never heard about, that
is not as relevant as the fact that they never let
Donnie Walsh finish the job he started. That being
said, along with the fact that D'Antoni was brought
in by Walsh to do that job, the coaches resignation
surprises no one. No matter what anyone tells you,
no one was surprised. This is a case of you doing
the breaking up, before you get broken up with.

MSG and Co. got what they deserved, and this is what
happens in any and all team sports when ownership
throws money at their problems, and has ZERO patience.
The Knicks can still make the playoffs this year,
Mike Woodson is a fine coach, and their is talent on
this roster, but the Knicks just did the NBA East a
favor and made themselves fairly irrelevant for any
sort of Championship type push, but that's not a good
thing for the NBA in general. Phil Jackson you say?
The body is still warm, so don't count any chickens
before those eggs hatch, it work out too well when
those eggs were labeled LeBron, did it?

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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