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Thursday, March 22, 2012

NY Jets Get An Early Start On "Egg On Face" Season With Tebow Trade Debacle

Matt Rainey/

It was bad enough that their fans were clearly divided
on the acquisition of Tim Tebow, and that's putting it
mildly, but then the Jets proceeded to nearly botch the
trade up all together when the made the cardinal sin of
any professional organization and they "forgot to read
the fine print", or in this case the contract altogether.

As a fan, I feel really bad for Jets fans, and wonder if
they are better or worse off than Mets fans, and if they
are fans of both, look out, it's gonna be a bad year.
The Jets clearly got egg on their face when news of them
not reading the clause in Tebow's contract to pay the
Broncos $5Mil got out, but it was a good thing that they
managed to come to an amicable solution, and meet the
Broncos half way. Truth is, Denver wasn't wrong here,
and the Jets just looked disorganized. This won't soon
be forgotten, even if Tebow does do well as a NY Jet,
but it won't hurt if this experiment works out, because
it clearly is nothing more than that for a team that is
reaching in every which direction to find some success.
Even if it means going after a polarizing figure like
Tim Tebow.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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