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Friday, March 16, 2012

Peyton-Palooza Becoming An Excercise In Futility

Samuel M. Simpkins,AP Photo/The Tennessean

There really is no mystery here, it goes as far back
as the O.J. chase seen nationally on TV that gave a
great deal of free advertising to the Ford Bronco.
It was good enough to interrupt viewers in New York
from watching their Knicks playoff game, and for the
folks of California, though it was a big deal to them
as well, it was still fairly common to have their
regularly scheduled television program interrupted to
watch a police chase instead.

There is no criminal here, not even Manning has been
that annoying, YET, but the sports media outlets and
Twitter have gone bananas over Peyton Manning's every
last move. I thought I was having flashbacks when I
saw a news helicopter following a white van in route
to meet Manning for a private workout in Raleigh
Durham, North Carolina today. The Broncos delegation
was going to meet with Manning for a private workout.
Later it was also reported that we shouldn't read into
this too much because he had a workout with Tennessee
scheduled as well. Then later it was reported that we
should read even less into it, because he had already
had a workout and physical with the 49er's earlier in
the week. Is your heading spinning yet?

There is no question that this is not another Brett
Favre situation, and that Peyton didn't ask for this
or bring this on to himself. He's doing what you or
I would do if we didn't know for absolute sure where
we would wind up. Peyton wanted to stay a Colt, the
money from team to team isn't going to change here,
and he has never waffled on anything he's said about
his future going forward, it's the media once again
that's trying to make this into the story of the
century. Should it be followed?, Of course Is it
important? On a sports scale, Yes. I actually had
to check my Twitter while I was writing this because
there were no Tweets about it for almost 10 minutes,
and I though I had been disconnected. I wasn't.

Is it over yet?

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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