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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Jeremy Lin or Steve Nash

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I can bet that many of you ever thought you'd see
that trifecta of players on the same page many
moons ago, but the question isn't that they are
being talked about in the same breathe but rather,
which do you think made bigger news this week?

Celtics fans are furious that Ray Allen joined the
dark side, but in all fairness, as much a I think
it's a bit of a shock, e was never a lifer as far
as Celtics are concerned, and the Heat wanted him
more. Ray Allen's time with Boston only differs
because he won a ring, be he spent just as much
time in Milwaukee, and made somewhat of a name for
himself in Seattle to.

Jason Kidd leaving Dallas to join the Knicks is
also a bit of news as well, but he's older than
Allen, and unless he has Lin to tutor, his minutes
in NY aren't going to be as earth shattering as his
choice to leave Dallas to begin with. What do you
think went wrong in Big D to prompt Kidd to leave
such a comfy situation? Now that's a question.

The Houston Rockets round up our list of guards in
the news stories with the boatload of money they
through at Jeremy Lin in the offer sheet he signed
with them. Are they trying to hurt the Knicks by
getting them to overspend? Are they trying to right
a wrong be getting back a guy the let go too soon?
Don't know, but it sure is alot of money for a guy
who hasn't real proven anything yet.

Hey didn't that Steve Nash guy go to the Lakers this
week? Huh, musta missed that. Sounds like the NBA is
really into guard play this off season.

Don't Believe In Plays, Believe In Players - Al Davis

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